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Deadpool Week: SHORYUKEN!!!

Tonight, we revisit an issue that yielded one of the most-posted scans of Deadpool ever: the famous Street Fighter scene. (A definite favorite.) The whole issue (Joe Kelly's Deadpool #27) is wacky fun. On we go!

Our story begins after Deadpool has saved the world from a space monster. Even though technically that was a really good thing, he's feeling BAD about it, because the monster, while it would have taken away free will, would have left everyone with mindless bliss. So the way 'Pool sees it, by destroying the thing, he's doomed the world to continuing pain and misery. Yes. Really. Anyway.

"Pool goes to "Dr. Bong," who is, um, rather NEW to the psychiatry game, because 'Pool is more off his rocker than usual, and is hallucinating bunnies and dark haired women and what-all, and it's affecting his work. Dr. Bong decides that 'Pool needs to fight somebody because fighting people seems to help 'Pool think. So naturally, 'Pool decides to track down another dude who has a healing factor to fight. And we get this:

At the very end, Deadpool also reveals that the woman in his hallucinations was...dun dun dun...the woman who stole his heart long ago, and then...died. O_o
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