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Oh Hai Thar, Boondock Saints Sequel!

So it looks like The Boondock Saints sequel is finally getting made. FINALLY. After, what, like 300 aborted rumors of how it was finally being made? I think it's actually true this time, though.

Like most people who have seen the first movie, I had never heard of it until someone randomly said to me, "You HAVE to see this movie," and sat me down and watched it with me on DVD. According to the article linked below and my vague memory of what my friend said at the time, the original didn't really get the release it was supposed to, so it ended up being sort of a cult classic that not everyone's heard of.

Funnily enough, whenever I do encounter someone who's seen it, they seem to either really love it or really hate it. Either they think it's awesome and badass and funny and makes some good points and gives food for thought (or is just fun because, HI THERE, RANDOM VIOLENCE AND BLOOD AND WILLEM DAFOE AND SOME DUDE YELLING "WYATT F*CKING EARP" WHILE SHOOTING UP MOBSTERS IN A STRIP JOINT), or they think it's stupid and mindless and gratuitous and pointless and as philosophically well-developed as a five-year-old on the shallow end of the mental gene pool, AND that anyone who likes it is a moron. At least so far. (I have yet to encounter someone who doesn't have any feeling about it at all.)

Since the sequel is now imminent, I am curious as to what y'all thought of the first one. Therefore, POLL!

Poll #1403196 What did you think of The Boondock Saints (I)?

Have you seen The Boondock Saints?

No seriously: what?

What did you think of it?

Pure Awesomeness
Purile Stupidity
Huh? I'm still confused, here.

If you liked it, why did you like it?

If you didn't like it, why didn't you like it?

(As for me, well, I own the movie. And have watched it several times. And now after talking about it, I kinda want to go watch it again. So clearly I enjoy it. Although I do think Troy Duffy sounds like he's a bit of an ass, and am not particularly impressed that he "tried to one-up himself" in the area of profanity for the sequel. Because that's really not what I'm most concerned about, when it comes to a sequel. But I'm just going to hope that was just a throwaway comment and isn't truly so important to the sequel that they felt it really needed mentioning. Heh.)

And now, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day article thataway. (Thanks to cleolinda for the link.)
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