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Deadpool Week: Chatterbox Edition!

OMG, y'all. I am so late with "today's" Deadpool Week entry. Sorry! Just assume this one's for Tuesday, k? (Appropriately, the Sloganizer widget on my profile just asked, "Where the hell is Foresthouse?" I'm here now! Heh.)

So today we get another glimpse at a favorite Joe Kelly issue of mine, Deadpool #9. (Deathtrap!) Again, this issue just cracks me the heck up, and I luurrve it.

Our story begins with Wade in a pretty bad mood due to stuff that's been going on. He marches his bad self over to the Hellhouse, hangout for mercs with mettle, and beats his way through a bunch of second-rate mercs in order to remind them that he is way more awesome than his sometimes-nemesis, the lame albino clown T-Ray (yes, I did say albino clown. Really). Some dude comes into the Hellhouse lookin' to hire a hero and Deadpool, in the process of trying to be a better merc for little Theresa, volunteers. Sadly, after the dude gets him on a plane he knocks Deadpool out. Meanwhile, Deadpool's prisoner/den mother Blind Al and Weasel are having a chat at the Deadhut about how Al has just played a few practical jokes on 'Pool (Weasel being at the 'Hut is, by the way, a strict no-no. Weasel is NOT supposed to go to Wade's house, and there will be BLOOD when 'Pool finds out). Anyway, back to Deadpool. He wakes up tied down in some warehouse with a giant teddy bear above him and toys everywhere, and we get this:

And then Deathtrap knocks him out again and dumps him back out in the open with a note pinned to him that says, "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Sadly, he never actually shows up in the comics again. Heh.
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