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Deadpool Week: Announcing The Completely Unpredictable Deadpool!

*squeeze in under the midnight wire*

Today we get to check out one of my favorite ever issues of Deadpool: Issue #2 from Joe Kelly's 1997 run. In this one, Deadpool fights Taskmaster to win back the services of his arms supplier/information broker Weasel. Why do I love this issue so much?

1) Because I love Taskmaster and his interactions with Deadpool, which start in this issue (see Gail Simone's Agent X and Fabian Nicieza's Cable & Deadpool for more Deadpool/Taskmaster awesomeness);
2) Because Deadpool PWNS Taskmaster in this issue;
3) Because I like Deadpool and Weasel and their strange friendship, too;
4) Because it's freakin' hilarious.

So, here we go!

Our story starts when Wade decides he needs some girl advice (about his feelings for Siryn) from a fellow guy. So he goes to visit Weasel. Sadly, Weasel is not at home, but being paranoid, Weasel has a tracking device on him at all times, and activates it if he's in trouble. Deadpool sees that Weasel is in Nevada and goes to rescue him. What's in Nevada? The compound where Taskmaster (who's photographic reflexes allow him to imitate any move after seeing it) has a top merc training school. Deadpool scopes it out:

Here I'm missing a few pages, but basically Taskmaster gets the better of Deadpool, shackles him, and throws him in Weasel's room. Deadpool learns that Weasel shut off his tracking device because he's considering Taskmaster's offer to work for him. 'Pool is NOT PLEASED. (I think his feelings are hurt, AW.) Weasel is kinda undecided (after all, Wade is his FRIEND in a sorta twisted sense), so then we get this:

Needless to say, all the little ninjas say no. And thus, Wade utterly PWNS Taskmaster, who is bufuddled by such brilliant chaos. And who for some reason does not immediately develop a death-grudge against Wade, but instead evinces a grudging liking/respect for him in future issues. Which is one reason I lurve Tasky so. (Oh, and Weasel goes back to Wade, but he gives Tasky his card first.)

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