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Deadpool in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Screencap Edition

Q: Did you just screencap the entirety of the new MUA 2 Deadpool trailer?

A: Yes I did. I may even make icons. Are you at all surprised by this?

Q: ...No. No, I am not. Are you sure you are completely 100% sane, here?

A: ...No, no I am not. But people will thank me for it. TRUST ME.

I love how he's smiling as he runs away from the explosion in that first shot. Also the way they did the teleporter effect (even though it's kinda purple in the comics, I like the red!)

The one thing that looks weird to me in the trailer is the way he's kind of flat-footed while shooting in the last pic there. I'd think he'd be more braced somehow. Am I crazy?

Funky combat boots aside, I am way excited for this!

(Thanks again to The Deadpool Bugle for the trailer link.)
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