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Deadpool Week: Sins of the Past - Deadpool/Siryn Team-up

So pre-1997, Deadpool had two 4-issue miniseries'. The second one (collectively "Sins of the Past") was written by Mark Waid, and featured Deadpool and Siryn working together, along with Black Tom and Juggernaut-related shenanigans. Since I have these scans and I'm trying to go roughly in order, today we're gonna take a gander at some of the crazy Team Deadpool/Juggie fighting. WHEE!

So, pretty much, Juggernaut is after Deadpool because Dr. Killebrew (remember him, folks?) has told Juggie that in order to cure Black Tom, who's got the most bizarre virus ever (it's turning him to wood. No, really. It's like the lame-o version of Cable's techno-organic mesh, or something. Anyway.) Dr. K needs to get his hands on Deadpool's healing factor. So they send a bunch of goons after Deadpool, and then Juggie comes crashing after them to try to get Deadpool himself. Siryn has just met him and is helping him due to Plot. (Really, I'm just not going to explain it all, k?) Hi-jinks ensue:

The whole story arc is pretty fun. Sadly, I don't have scans of the part where Deadpool sees that Dr. K has grafted Deadpool's hand onto Black Tom and says, "EW. You don't know where that thing's BEEN," (hee) or the part where Siryn sees Deadpool without his mask and they have A Moment. *sniff* Oh well. Good times.

ETA: storm_dragoness located the pic of Black Tom with Deadpool's hand, and the Deadpool/Siryn "moment." Thanks!

ETA Squared: And thanks to Ben of The Deadpool Bugle, we now have Deadpool's commentary on his hand. HEE.

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