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Deadpool Week: Ah, Romance. Also: Origin Story

Today we're going back in time to the Deadpool/Death Annual (1998) which shows bits and pieces of Deadpool's origins. Warning: this is (mostly) NOT a funny story.

Apologies for not having scans of the whole issue.

We begin our story at the bottom of some random icy cliff (not pictured). Deadpool has just taken a header off said cliff, courtesy of this dude named "The Attending." Since he's currently dead, Death has just appeared to him in the guise of a shapely female skeleton. Deadpool and Death are old friends, and for some reason, she wants to remind him of this. So she kinda goes *sploosh* and mind-melds with him or some such, and he starts remembering stuff.

Deadpool starts remembering when he iced out of the Weapon X program after their experiments with Wolverine's healing factor failed to halt his cancer. He's been sent to "The Hospice," a baaad place where rejects of the program go to be "looked after," but are really cruelly experimented on by Dr. Killebrew. One of the inmates, Worm, has a computer in his head and runs a pool on which of the "patients" will die next. Wade Wilson (not Deadpool yet) has just arrived, but does NOT want to be there.

Back to the past! After a LOT of experimenting, Wade starts going crazy and, although he's not dying, meets Death.

Because he's not dead but can see her, Death falls in love with him. She tells him to die so they can be together. So Wade starts taunting The Attending, Francis, to try to get Francis to kill him. The Attending wants to, but Dr. Killebrew won't let him. Wade's taunting raises the morale of all of the other inmates, and The Attending starts to lose his superior position. To take back control of the situation, The Attending lobotomizes Wade's friend Worm. Death tells Wade that Worm is in pain, so to put him out of his misery, Wade kills Worm. The rule in The Hospice is that if an inmate kills another, he dies. So The Attending and Wade are both "winners" here. EXCEPT (there's always an except):

Of course there's more to the story, but for now (since I'm out of scans), that's all he (Joe Kelly) wrote!

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