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Amusingly Misheard Song Lyrics: Smallville Edition

Back in Season 4 of Smallville, if you (Smallville fans) recall, they had that short Alicia Baker storyline, which I totally loved. Of all the "meteor freaks," I felt the most sympathy for her, and I thought the actress did a great job (not to mention the chemistry between her and Tom Welling in the wedding scene. Rrowr). At the end of the one episode where she realizes how she's made a mistake by tricking Clark, and that they can't be together, there's that fantastic sad scene where she's (understandably) upset about it, and they hug, and it's very *aw*. And they play this beautiful sad little song.

So I've been meaning to track it down forever, but all I could remember was a tiny line from it, which, as it turns out, I got completely wrong! Hah. But I kind of like my version.

The song is Johnathan Rice's Break So Easy, and the lyric I was remembering is "A dark haired woman is driving the roads." Unfortunately, I heard it as, "A dog-head woman is wandering the roads." No, I had no idea how that could make sense, but that's what it sounded like, and it still kind of makes me laugh. HEE.

Anyway, it really is a beautiful song. You can listen to it here. I recommend it.

In other things: the rain, it is STILL GOING. Rain, rain, GO AWAY.
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