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Life on a Star - Walking on the Edge
I don't really have a plan...
Life on a Star
Aw, I really, really wish I could go to the Star Island Arts Conference this year! Not only does it look as fun as always, but now you can shower every other day (seriously, the biggest drawback ever of Star was only getting 2 showers for the week. I could never be a hippy - I love showering too much. At least every other day is manageable).

Sadly not only is there of course the money issue, but that's the same week as Kelly's wedding. Which I am in. Ah, well.

If any of you like the idea of going to live on a beautiful island for a week with other nice people and taking fun art classes, getting to see free concerts or other art-y things, and hanging out on sunny afternoons drinking wine and eating cheese with friends, I highly recommend the Conference on the Arts. Seriously. It is awesome.

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