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Chuck and Castle

Someone linked this on SF and it is v. cute: Mr. and Mrs. Carmichael - the "fake" photos from the ep. of Chuck where Chuck and Sarah pretend to be married

And speaking of Chuck, can I just say how awesome Scott Bakula is as Chuck's dad? I loved it when he said, "Aces, Charles" in the last ep. Aw. (P.S. Zachary Levi continues to be awesome, as does Adam Baldwin. The tranq. scene was funny.)

In other TV news, have discovered Castle, which I decided to try because it stars Nathan Fillion (of Firefly), who is awesome. The first few eps felt a little bumpy, but I think the actors are hitting their stride, acting-wise. The writing is pretty good, although I think the murder mysteries could be more complicated. The characters are beginning to get fleshed out a little more, too. The best part of the show so far is, of course, Nathan Fillion. The man has about 12 tons of charisma and is a great actor, and fortunately, he's on screen most of the time, which means the show remains fairly interesting throughout. The actress playing Beckett is pretty good too, and last ep they finally hit a scene that I loved - the laser tag and visit from Beckett scene. I'd like to see some more depth to the Castle character in the future, but I am assuming they'll get to that.

And...that's all, folks. :)
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