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Ladies and Gentlemen...

...put your hands together for the newest member of Clan Deadpool!

At 3.75", X-Men Wolverine Origins Comic Series Deadpool, a.k.a. G.I.'Pool, is now the tallest member of the clan other than, of course, the magnificent Dollpool. He also comes with the most detachable weaponry. Which is awesome, because ordnance is fun.

Here he is with his impressive collection of plastic weapons:

And surveying his new habitat:

Bizarrely, it's nearly impossible to get him to hold both katanas, but I managed it:

The guns, on the other hand, fit really well:

And the sai's no problem:

After a quick de-briefing, I introduced him to Clan Deadpool:

He had absolutely no problem making new friends, because if there's one thing a tiny Deadpool loves, it's weapons, and G.I. 'Pool brings enough to share with the whole class. Thus, the clan now has a new member, who has quickly settled into life on the shelf. I think he's wrestling with Tiny Cheesecake Deadpool as we speak.

Clan Deadpool (B to F, L to R):
Dollpool, Slightly Daft Deadpool, Tiny Cheesecake Deadpool, G.I. 'Pool, Wee Dangerous Deadpool, and The Littlest Deadpool.

And now, other stuff!

A few more cherry blossom pics, this time from my walk with Phil. Note how insanely crowded both the walkway and the actual Tidal Basin were:

And a few new pictures of Little Ben, who is almost one month old and still the cutest thing ever! He's really strong, too, and lifting his head up a bit and stuff. SO CUTE.

Daddy feeding Benji:

Daddy and Little Ben:

Tiny and adorable!

Proud grandpa!


And now, I shall go find some dinner. After I break up the fighting on the shelf.

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