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Blast from the (not too distant) past

Q: What are the chances that you'll stop in the CVS after midnight on the way back from seeing your sister's family in Rockville and run into a friend that you haven't seen since graduating from law school?

A: If you're me, apparently very likely!

As I was paying at the CVS, someone behind me said my name, and lo, it was my friend Ike whom I haven't seen since school. I didn't actually know that he was still in the area. But it tuns out he is, and he's married now, too! He kindly offered me a ride home, which I accepted since it was, after all, very late. So now next time some of us law school folks get together, I'll give him a call and invite him too. Always nice to see an old friend.

And now, bed.

P.S. Took more cute pictures of Little Ben, who is now moving his head around some and focusing more on people and being, altogether, THE CUTEST THING EVER. Bless.
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