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Le Grande Picspam!

I'm way behind on my picture posting, thanks to all the kerfuffle with my computer. I've finally figured out how to upload photos again, though, so now I can catch up (and there was much rejoicing. YAY). So, onward!

First off, we have photos from the week after Little Ben was born. D'awwww!

Baby yawn!

Snuggly Ben!

Ben with Auntie Em!

Sleeping Ben!

He's looking at meeeee!

Proud mommy. Ben says, "Suuuup?"

Next, because I seem to have been hanging out with a lot of friends from in and out of town recently, we have "montage of friends." Sort of missing Phil, who is lame in that he does not like to be photographed. Phiiiiil!

Me and Deirdre, who got to meet little Ben.

Me and Nathan, who came to visit and took me to the comic book store and dinner.*

Me and Kelly, who took me with her to decide where to hold the rehearsal dinner.

Phil, who refuses to be photographed but went walking around the Tidal Basin with me on Sunday. (Today, Phil will be portrayed by his stand-in, The Question. Hee.)

Me and Courtney (aka dachelle), who went to the Spy Museum and to spy out cherry blossoms with me.

And finally, some pics from The National Cherry Blossom Festival.

And also, a very amazing sunrise from my apartment window. Sadly, I couldn't really capture it fully, but the actual sunrise had little...ribbons of color in the orange glow. It was puuuurty.

And now, back to reality!

*Pls. note, I do actually know how to correct dark photographs, but I can't FIND the proper tools on this stupid new trial version of Photoshop I'm using right now. It's SO poorly designed! I hate it!
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