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The real Rorschach

Wow, I am REALLY glad the construction guys in my hallway went away for awhile. SO LOUD.

In other things, I was looking for some Rorschach cards to use in a Rorschach (Watchmen) wallpaper background, and I found this link to 10 actual Rorschach test cards. So I had a go at seeing what I saw in each one. Interesting. (I guess?)

My Results

1. Triumphant angels with arms around each other, in belted robes.

2. Kids playing a clapping game.

3. Curvy woman picking up a purse, reflected, or siamese cat with bow.

4. Giant scary furry monster in a barber chair , looking down (this card also reminded me the most of Rorschach's dog-head card from the comic/movie).

5. Mothman (Watchmen has influenced me), or a rabbit on its hind legs behind some bushes.

6. Angel weathervane attached to a Gothic buttress of a cathedral. Or, something weird with lots of phallic imagery. This was the only one where I immediately saw sexual organs.

7. This one took awhile to suggest anything to me. Pregnant twin sisters?

8. The prow of a ship, coming straight ahead.

9. Chinese carnival mask, or an urn surrounded by smoke.

10. The Eiffel Tower at the end of a long tree-lined avenue.

Not sure what this says about me, other than that I am not a very violent person and I had a good amount of church influence as a child. Also I saw several of them as the "reflected" images rather than one coherent image, thus the "two people" theme in a lot of them. Hrm.

Feel free to psycho-analyze my results in the comments (humorously or seriously). :)
Tags: personality, psychology, rorschach, wallpapers, watchmen

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