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Computer still wonky, Matt Good still awesome

I've got landline connectivity now, hurrah. And all it took me was the complete reformatting of my system, which caused me to *%@(! lose Microsoft Office. The one program I didn't think I needed to back up (not that I'm even sure I could have, but...I thought it was on my installation software CDs! GAAAH!) It came with the computer but I have no CD for it. WHYYYYY?


Still working on getting wireless to work. I may just give up and call Comcast back here tomorrow, because, despite having an IP address now, I still have "limited or no connectivity" for absolutely no good reason. *grumble*


In other things, Matthew Good is once again making good points about the music industry. Prompted by the article here: 'No desire to' celebrate Juno awards, says musician Matthew Good, Matt, winner of 3 Junos, notes in relation to the commercialism influencing who receives music awards:

What has truly befallen music is the rise of a serious lack of respect for the inherent talent of artists, something that has been gradually replaced with an altogether empty admiration for those that simply achieve fame and wealth no matter their actual abilities.

See more of his thoughts on the subject here.
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