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Alright, you can stop now.

I've had just about enough of this "let's see what else Emily can handle" nonsense.

As of Friday, my internet is dead, and not only that, but apparently my IP address has disappeared from this Earth - which means, according to Dell, that I have to reformat my WHOLE COMPUTER. Gah. So I've been on the phone with everyone under the sun, and went off to the store for an external back-up drive, and now I'm at my sister's in MD trying to catch up on the 200 new emails in my box (and I haven't even CHECKED Gmail yet) before I tackle The Great Computer Overhaul.

Not to mention I am still sad about Rogue and haven't even had a chance to clean the cage, and the laundry is overflowing, and I might have more friends coming, and I'm behind on everything, and...gaaaaahhhh.

On the other hand, it was lovely to see Deirdre on Saturday, and I got to see Aunt Juli and Michelle and Joe for lunch, and it was Jeff's and Michelle's birthdays and we had a nice cake for Jeff, and little Ben is still completely adorable.

But still. Please, 2009. I do not want any more of this ridiculousness. Only good things from here on out, you hear me???

P.S. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on being Auntie Em or expressed their sadness about Rogue. Sorry I'm way behind on replying.
Tags: ack!, amanda, chillas, deirdre, family, friends, little ben, rogue, work

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