Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

Goodbye, baby.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their sympathies about Rogue. As it turned out, she passed away about a half-hour before we were going to take her to the vet. We took her anyway, to be cremated. Although I'm very sad, at least I know that it was really her time to go - I was hating the idea of making that choice for her if there was any chance at all she could recover (not that it looked like there was a chance, but humans are eternally hopeful, aren't we?). Anyway, hopefully she didn't suffer, and now I like to think she's in meadows full of hay and ledges to jump up on and raisin trees (hey, if there is a chinchilla heaven, it certainly has raisin trees). Maybe Jubilee is already showing her around.

She was a good pet for 5 years (and Jubilee was a good pet for 3). So now, let's remember the good times:

My intrepid explorer:

Mischievous Rogue:

Sleepy contented Rogue:

Teddy bear Rogue:

Rogue and Jubilee:

Sleeping chillas:

Chilla macro:

Oh, my babies. I miss them. *sigh*
Tags: chillas, death, jubilee, pets, pics, rogue, sadness

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