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Dammit! Come back, scans_daily, come back!

Links today courtesy of cleolinda's linkspam roundup.

scans_daily has been banned. I know, I know, copyright protection, and I am all for copyright protection. But, I mean, really - I always used to point people there so they could read an issue or two of Deadpool and get hooked on it like me (well, perhaps not as much as me, but you know). Now how am I going to spread the word? And I'm sure I'm not the only one who used scans_daily like that sometimes, as well as to see what other comics are out there. So when you think about it, it's probably actually detrimental to the comics posted there to have it shut down. Because how am I going to know I want to buy that old Superman/Batman Annual with the Deadpoolesque character unless I know it's around via places like scans_daily? *sigh* (Although for older comics, since I'd be buying through a reseller the reseller would be the one getting the money. But still. Some of the comics posted were new ones that would still be in stores, or exerpts from upcoming ones or whatever. And any comics bought could get people hooked on a new run.)

In better comics news, the folks involved in Watchmen have been having fun creating convincing graphics tied in with the comic books, like this FBI Wanted poster for Rorschach and this image of the Comedian in Vietnam (Guh.) Flip through for more fun images. (Slightly OT: isn't it just amazing how similar Jeffrey Dean Morgan and RDJr. look sometimes?)

There's also this goofy little Minutemen arcade game you can play if you want.

And...it's bedtime.
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