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You know, I don't often actually spend money to go see concerts. I think it's because I was spoiled by seeing so many free shows while working at The Arts Center. But I would pay to see Jack's Mannequin. In fact, I did pay. They were supposed to be coming to DC next month, and by the time I heard about it there were only single seats left, but I said, "hey, why not, I'll go by myself" and bought a ticket. And then...they canceled. *sniff* I am sad. But at least I get a refund.

Since they canceled, I figured I'd go see if they were rescheduling the show. Apparently they aren't right now, but while on their website I did happen upon a link to the Dear Jack Foundation, which was started by Andrew McMahon after he was diagnosed with acute lymphatic leukemia (which he successfully recovered from thanks to a bone marrow transplant). It's an organization to raise funds for cancer research, which is a worthy cause, so I thought I'd give it a mention here. There's a video message from Andrew on the site asking for help for the upcoming "Light the Night" walk, too.


If you happen to be a comics fan, and are on Facebook, Michael Netzer has started a "Facebook Comic Con," which is apparently going to have virtual events like a real con would have panels and things. I'm not sure exactly how it will shake out, but it's a very cool idea and lots of comic book professionals and artists have added their virtual "tables" to the event. So if you feel like mixing and mingling online with some comic-y folks (including other fans) you might want to join. Also, the first 1,000 people to "register" for the event can get a free digital sketch from Michael by commenting at the link. Now that's what I call a cool incentive.


Is it silly to want a motorcycle jacket if you've never ridden on a motorcycle (though I do like to look at them)? Probably. But I don't care. I've been totally envious of my friend's awesome leather Ducati jacket, which I got to don briefly during my last UK visit, and on a whim went poking idly around their site to see what they have for women. And it turns out they have this. Which I freakin' love, stripes and all, although I also am a fan of the shinyness of this one, despite it's minimal red and green accents. Of course, I don't have to wear leather. After all, I pretty much love this one, too, and it's not leather at all. Sadly, the prices are astronomically high. So if I do end up getting anything Ducati, ever, it will probably end up being this. Which at least doesn't make my wallet run in fear.

Not that I'm actually going to buy anything right now, what with being a bit light in the area of cash and all. But it's fun to window shop.


I just got an email update saying that both Supernatural and Smallville have been renewed for another season. Hooray! I am 100% excited about another season of Supernatural, which still has plenty of 66 seals and Lucifer rising plot action to go, and even if Smallville may on occasion be getting a bit tired, I am hopeful that the next season will have LOTS OF LOIS AND CLARK PLSTHX. And no more Lana, ever, even from a radioactive distance. Don't get me wrong - I thoroughly enjoyed The Lana Years. But enough is enough, and we have reached enough. Now, if only we could figure out a way to re-incorporate Daddy Winchester into Supernatural, I'd be ecstatic. I'm thinking a metric ton of "necessary" flashbacks. Anyone?
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