Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

Hello, Day from Hell



OK, now that I've gotten that out of the way. I have had the day. from. hell. Thank you, computer. Last night, mysteriously, it got some kind of stupid-ass rootkit virus that started slowing down every program and eventually made the internet completely inaccessible. Which sucked, because usually with this sort of thing I can just go online and see how to eradicate it. BUT NO. None of my spyware programs were catching it, it was constant and annoying and making it impossible to use the computer, and, and...just AAARRGGGGHH.

Finally I gave up on DIY and went to bed, and this morning, I called Dell. $120 to fix the problem remotely, eh? NO THANKS. Then I called Norton, because, see, I had *had* Norton Antivirus on my computer for several years, and suddenly, it wasn't there anymore! Why? No idea, except that the license apparently ran out or something. So I figured they might be able to help. Norton quoted me $100 to fix it, which was slightly better, and then worked on the damn thing for OVER SIX HOURS. Fer serious. I got my money's worth. But finally, all viruses are gone, and they also remotely installed the new Norton Antivirus for me AND gave me a really good deal for over a year's worth of protection. And they were nice. So hooray, Norton people (and isn't it funny how almost the only time I talk to people overseas it's because I have computer problems? I should have asked them how the weather is over in India or the Philippines. I did have an interesting discussion about computer gaming with the software guy. Heh.) But one thing they did while they were fixing it was to install Internet Explorer 7, since the virus had corrupted IE6. And now I can't. find. my. freakin. HOME BUTTON. What the hell, IE designers? I don't care a Fig Newton that you were going for "more streamlined and less cluttered". If I can't FIND ANYTHING then it means it is "more clumsy and less easy to use." GAH. Do they teach ANYONE ergonomics these days? Or common sense? Give me IE6 back, please! It was flawed, but at least I knew where things WERE.

So, yeah, now I am reduced to Googling, "Where is home button on IE7" and "WHAT THE HELL, INTERNET EXPLORER PEOPLE?" and possibly "WHERE'S MY MACHETE??" ARGH! (And it goes without saying, PLEASE let me know if you know how to make the home, printer, feeds, and favorites buttons appear on the $&@*! toolbar. I already figured out how to make the TOOLBAR appear, which was a task in itself.) I cannot TELL you how annoyed with IE7 I am right now. Streamlined. PAH.

And now, I think, perhaps, I will take a deep breath and go kick some supervillain's ass in Ultimate Alliance. I feel like hitting things.
Tags: annoyances, argh!, computers, rant

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