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So far in the news today...

- I missed a lunch invitation from Marshall. Dur. Sorry Marshall. Will call you!

- I had a dream about a high school friend whom I literally haven't though of in years. Went online to one of the numerous social networking sites I seem to be on and discovered that he recently posted the big news that he is engaged. Am I psychic? Perhaps!

- My awesome longtime LJ friend and fellow Dylan Moran fan, dachelle, has just informed me that she is coming to my area for work...and to visit me! Hurrah! We shall have good times.

- I am so. behind. on. things.

Industrial-Strength ETA: You guys, this is THE COOLEST IRON MAN THING EVER. You can play with Iron Man's armor! Serious. Click!
Tags: comics, dachelle, dreams, friends, high school, iron man, lj, marvel, movies, rivian

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