Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

Sloganizer says: "And on the eighth day, God created Foresthouse."

Oh, Sloganizer. You kill me.

Speaking of weeks, this week seems to be one where I will never be eating lunch alone. Sunday Amanda and Jeff came over to pick up some stuff and brought us lunch from Cosi as well. Amanda is round round round. Baby He-Melon is getting closer to birthday time, and I am soo excited. :)

Yesterday I got to see my friend Brian (whom I still refer to sometimes as "Jen's Friend Brian," since Jen introduced us, but really he's my friend too) because he was on his way from Chicago back to Philly by train. That's a long train ride, y'all! Anyway he had a layover in Union Station, so we got to grab some lunch at the station and catch up and stuff. It was really nice to see him! He's such fun to talk to, particularly about literature and films and things (since he is, after all, a writer). And he agrees with me that one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld books should really have made it to the big screen by now. (City Watch books, I'm looking at you here).

Today...well, ok, today I had leftovers. Too many lunches out in a row!

But tomorrow I am going to meet rivian for lunch at The Place of The Monumental Brownie (mmm) and to catch up with him, since we haven't seen each other in awhile and he has a few days off of work.

And then Thursday I'm seeing vwlphb for lunch and animated shorts at the E Street theater. AND she's going to give me the Super Secret Crocheting Project she's been working on. There will be much excitement. Also, pictures. Yay!

So...who's going to go to lunch with me Friday? (Just kidding!)
Tags: brian, family, food, friends, rivian, terry pratchett, vwlphb
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