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My chinchilla's got a crush.

Rogue's been watching TV with me again. She sits in the corner of the cage so she can see. I think she likes the Winchester boys. She's got good taste, although I can't tell whether she prefers Sam or Dean. :)

Unfortunately it's a rerun tonight, but hey, it gives me something to listen to while I'm cleaning.

I feel bad 'cause she can't see the TV too well from where she is. She has to sit in the corner to see. Maybe I should move her over a couple of feet. Then she could sit on top of her house like a little doggie like she used to whenever we watched Dylan Moran together. Hee.

P.S. MAN, it was windy today. It was so windy that it's been on the news all day. I walked out to do errands and almost got blown across the street. WHEW.
Tags: actors, chillas, rogue, supernatural, weather

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