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My brain says: "What?"

HEY YOU GUYS. Once again, I have managed to MISS the anniversary of my LiveJournal (which was January 30). What is UP with that? The only reason I even thought about it at all is because it was just the anniversary of Neil Gaiman's journal, and HE actually remembered to post about it.

So, um, belatedly:


Remember when you were just a baby journal, with a plain yellow background and no theme and only ONE icon? And I didn't even use my real name here, because I was afraid my Apartment Stalker would somehow find you and know I was telling stories about him to my six internet friends? And I wrote about things like being late to class, and thought my life was way more complicated than it actually was?

Remember when we first made our journal Trixie-themed? And the chinchilla mood theme we had for many years? And that blindly bright blue color scheme that was our trademark? And the Dancing Men code background that we will never, ever forget? *sniff* Good times, journal. Good times.

And now I have 234 internet friends, and you are all green and completely different, except for your title and tagline, which will probably never, ever change. My, how we've grown since January 30, 2002. Man. You and me, we're gettin' old together. ;)

Seriously, though, I can't believe I've been writing in this thing for seven whole years. Wow. And some of you guys have been with me (us?) the whole time. *hugs you* Thanks for sticking around, old friends, and glad you've found me, newer friends. I love you all!

And now I really need to go back and start unlocking some of those old posts, don't I? Yeah, I do. Maybe I'll go all the way back and start with my first entry ever. Heh. Maybe...


In other things, where is my freakin' Amazon gift card that I ordered a month ago using credit card points? I wantssss it. To buy things like The Graveyard Book, and also Smallville. And many, many other things. WHY IS IT TAKING SO LONG TO GET TO ME? I expect one of you to get on this right away. Go, secret agents of mine!

On another topic, some days, I would really like nothing better than to just stay in the shower forever and ever. Am I the only one? Does this make me weird? It's so relaxing! Maybe it's a Pisces thing - we really do love water, eh?

And on a completely other topic, guess what? vwlphb and I are going to see Coraline this week! Yay!

And in the final topic of the day; it is kind of weird living next to a fort. Did you know they play Reveille every morning and Taps twice each night? I can hear them all the way over here. And it makes me wonder - why do they play Taps twice? They only play Reveille once. This puzzles me.


And now I should probably mention: this completely random entry is brought to you by the allergy medicine I took earlier. My head feels floaty. Huh. Perhaps I should go to bed.
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