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Lions and Froggies and Babies, Oh My!

The fun never stops, does it?

So I'm SURE you all are wondering if I managed to pull off a successful baby shower on Saturday afternoon after arriving home from NYC at 2:30 am on Saturday morning. But I am happy to report that I DID! (With help, of course, from Chris and Bill, the couple who was hosting the party at their house, and from my mom and dad, who came from NJ for the event.) We had between 23 and 26 people, all told, it went very smoothly, and everyone had a great time. And now, because everything is better with pictures:


The food was the first event. Although I orchestrated the shower and did much of the preparation, Chris and Bill hosted it at their house, and Chris handled the punch, salad, fruit salad, and cake-ordering. (Bill handled helping my dad go pick up the food, and herding the guys off to bowling when it was time to open presents. Oh, and mom handled helping me decorate.) They are wonderful, and I couldn't have done it without them!

Chris, Bill, and the food room:

The main courses were from the nearby Primo's Family Restaurant, and they were all great. Chris's salad was delicious, and her fruit salad baby buggy was a masterpiece:

After the food (which included much socializing and conversation), the guys went bowling and us gals played a couple of games. Amanda's longtime friend (since second grade!) won the first one by getting the closest to guessing how wide my big sis is right now (40 inches) and when she's due. She was delighted with her prize (a candle, shower gel, lotion, and a bath pouf). Another friend won game #2, and was also very excited. Even though there were only two big prizes, all the gals at the party got one of these favors. The bags had 4 chocolates and a lip gloss. The paper said:

"It’s a Boy!


Ten little fingers,
Ten little toes,
The sweetest of smiles
And a cute little nose.
All these add up
To a very special thing—
A baby—
The greatest of gifts
That life can bring.


I'm glad you could join me
on this very special day
as I look forward to greeting
the new baby on the way!"

(Ironically, the bottom four lines are actually ones I wrote while being silly in this entry. Hee!

After games it was cake-time! Chris had ordered an AMAZING lemon chiffon cake from nearby. Mmmm:

And after that, Amanda opened a metric ton of presents, all of which were either useful, adorable, or both. Many had froggies (part of the bedroom theme Amanda and Jeff picked out) or similar cute animals on them. And after that (3.5 hours later) the party was done!

And now, a few more pics.

Almost all of the gals, who just happened to be sitting like this at one point (my cousin, who is also pregnant right now, is the one in black and turquoise there):

The mom-to-be and friends:

Mom and me:

Chris, Amanda, and me:

The excited parents-to-be:

And finally, because I forgot to take a picture before, the baby ball I hand-sewed for them as a Christmas gift:

Fun times!

ETA: Report from today's ultrasound is that everything is normal and on track with the wee He-melon. Hurrah!
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