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Recap: NYC and New York ComicCon!

First off, instead of embedding a ton of pictures, I’m just going to point y’all to my Flickr album for the whole ComicCon set. Featuring:

- The Colour of Magic
- Twilight’s Edward Dollen and other Tonner dolls
- some cool ComicCon staff folks
- Wonderful Neil’s new Sandman doll
- a ton of posters (why did I photograph so many posters??)
- Joe! Kelly!, Tom Smith, Reilly Brown, and Georges Jeanty
- Captain America
- a Triumphant Wookie
- Nathan Fillion
- free swag, and
- custom Deadpool art.

Now, With Captions. Check it out!

And now, on with the (lengthy) recap.


On Thursday morning I haaaauled myself out of bed (well, technically, off of J’s couch) in time to meet Terry’s editor over at HarperCollins at 9. It was so nice to meet her in person after our many emails, and of course she’s as cool as can be. We talked a bit about all sorts of things, and then I gave her the NADWCon bookmarks for the HarperCollins table at ComicCon. After our meeting I headed over to the Javits Center to pick up my con badge. Sadly I forgot to get a photo of the impressive HarperCollins building. (I also forgot to take a picture of J, but he looks much the same as before.) Oh well!

When I arrived at the Javits Center (after several near-death experiences due to ice on the sidewalks), I picked up my badge and then went looking for the free flyer table so I could leave the rest of the bookmarks there. I didn’t find the table, but I did find a nice ComicCon staff person named Tanya, who kindly looked into the matter for me and then took the bookmarks off to the table. She also said she would try to discover for me if Nathan Fillion would be appearing for the Wonder Woman premiere, since he voiced one of the characters (Steve Trevor). After that I met a few more staff volunteers while trying to find a bookstore nearby to hang out in for a bit. Staff member Mike was very helpful but thought Lance would know better where to go, so I then met Lance, who is the show manager of the con and very cool. He pointed me in the direction of a bookstore and we all chatted a bit before I left. All of the staff were delightfully nice and helpful. Oh! And before I left I took a photo of the GIANT Twilight poster for cleolinda. Giant poster. GIANT.

After leaving Javits, I ran a few errands before heading over to the Quad Cinema, which was on its last day of showing The Colour of Magic. When I arrived the theater wasn’t open yet, so I wandered down a few blocks and happened upon a Forbidden Planet store. I poked around in there for a while, admired a life-sized Iron Man bust, and then headed back to the Quad. The movie was very enjoyable – even better than Hogfather, perhaps. Sean Astin was very good as Twoflower, Tim Curry was delightfully evil as Trymon, Jeremy Irons delivered the Patrician’s signature line perfectly, and David Jason, while older than I would imagine Rincewind from the books, pulled off the character very well, as I suspected he would (he’s a great actor). Cohen was perfect, and I loved Terry’s little cameo. Yay!

After the movie I headed over to the Dave & Buster’s in Times Square for the pre-ComicCon party, even though I had no idea if I’d know a single person there. As it turns out, I drank several mixed drinks that were called "The Gambit" (really! They were rather fruity), met a guy who works at HarperCollins named Ben, talked to Lance some more, met an attorney named Chad, talked to a guy from a marketing company named Jason, and hit it off with a gal named Nattallie who is associated with Activision and was at the con to promote Ultimate Alliance 2. At some point one of the fans Nattallie knew wanted to go meet Joe Quesada, but wasn’t sure if she should go on over, so we dragged her over and I took a picture for her, and then (why not?) got my picture taken with him, too. Then I met Jimmy Palmiotti, who was ultra-cool. I also ran into Pete from the ComicCon staff, and then saw Mike again. He introduced me to Rich, who was handling the talent, and then Mike and his wife Laura and Rich and I all went out to get some dinner (as the party was winding down). We went to a good barbeque place nearby, and the manager, it turns out, is a big comics fan - so he comped us a sampler plate of desserts! They were delicious. After that I (slightly tipsily) took the train back to J’s, where he and Marty and I watched Wanted. Which was...bizarre. There were some good parts, but some of it was a bit *too* far out, in a slightly ridiculous way. Also his office life seemed slightly derivative of Office Space, even in the way they filmed it. But it was still pretty entertaining. After that, we went to bed.


Friday morning I called the lovely ellen_datlow to see if we were still on for breakfast. I suspected not, since she got sick while she was visiting England last week and might have changed her plans. Her friend answered the phone and said she was, in fact, still in England, so we didn’t (obviously) end up getting together. I was sad to hear it, but decided the silver lining was that I could catch another hour’s sleep.

When I got up (for the second time), J made us omelets (with cream cheese inside, mmm), and then I said goodbye to J, packed up, and headed over to the con. I got there at 10:20, upon which I checked my luggage and coat and sped to my first commitment. Even though I was late I was able to participate a bit and it was very cool (myserious lack of detail here = intentional. Sorry! :)

Then I headed over to the IP panel – there were three attorneys talking about the different aspects of copyright and trademark as they related to comic book authorship, protecting one’s characters, etc. Of course much of what was said I knew already, but the personal experiences they talked about now and again were very interesting. I particularly enjoyed when one of them (Michael) was talking about how once a week they go down to Battery Park and seize all the counterfeit goods that are infringing on their clients’ rights. (Hee!) After the panel I talked to the attorneys a bit and ended up walking up to the exhibition floor with Michael. It was fun talking to him as we explored the floor a bit, but I kept stopping to look at stuff and didn’t want to hold him up so eventually we parted ways. I thought I might run into him again at some point but I was WAY underestimating how big the floor was!

Almost the first thing I happened upon amongst the booths was the Tonner doll shop, and Bella and Edward Dollen were on display, so of course I stopped to take photos for cleolinda. And then I saw Ms. Harley Quinn there, ON SALE, so of course I had to go and look at her and agonize over whether I should get her or not. I decided to think on it and come back later.

Everything is a bit blurred for most of the day as to where I went and what I saw, but I do know at one point I was walking near the main entrance and I ran into Hildy Silverman, of Space and Time Magazine, whom I hadn’t seen since Capclave! So that was nice and we chatted for a few minutes before parting ways. And after that...let’s see – I went to the HarperCollins booth to give them a few more flyers advertising the NADWCon, then passed by the Activision booth to say hi to Nattallie...but I didn’t stop then to watch the Super Hero Debates they were hosting because I had just run into someone with a Deadpool poster and discovered that Reilly Brown was over at the Artists’ Alley, and I totally wanted a Deadpool poster, so I figured I’d better head over there in case he wasn’t there all day or whatever.

After many brief detours I did make it to Artists’ Alley, upon which I began what should have been a simple expedition to find Reilly Brown, but ended up being an Adventure in Meeting Artists, as I went down the rows and randomly met Michael Golden, Tom Smith, and a number of others while vainly trying to discover which table Reilly was at. (Apparently some artists had been shifted around?) At one table I asked if the guy sitting there had any idea where Reilly was supposed to be, and he offered to look it up for me, bless him. And then I realized it was Louise Simonson’s table, although she wasn’t there. So after he located the row number for me, I told him I would be back to see Louise, and FINALLY headed in the right direction for Reilly. And actually found him! Upon which I probably unnerved him with my enthusiasm over finding him there, AT HIS TABLE. But he was, of course, very nice, and I ended up buying a couple of posters, which he signed for me in funky silver pen, along with the Cable & Deadpool TPB I had grabbed on my way to NYC in case I ran into him at the con.

After The Reilly Adventure I set out to locate Dexter Vines, as I had been commissioned by my friend Nathan Massengill to stop by and say hello to his friend Dexter. I found his table with almost no trouble, but then (oh come on, this could happen to anyone!) mistook Georges Jeanty for Dexter, as they were located at the same little table and only Georges was actually there, and I didn’t know what either of them looked like. But Georges kindly corrected me, and as it turns out, he was the penciler on several issues of Deadpool (I have to admit, even for my favorite character, I can’t always keep track of all the artists who have worked on the issues over the years). So we had a nice talk and hung out for a bit, and then I told him I’d stop by later to say hi to Dexter (the real Dexter. Heh). I then wandered back to Louise’s table, whereupon she signed my Cable & Deadpool TPB. Louise was charming to talk to and was delighted that Cable is still drawing an audience. Upon leaving Louise, I happened upon a table sporting some Chuck comics, and ended up talking to penciler Jeremy Haun for a bit before he cleverly sold me five Chuck comics via the method of offering me a good discount. And then he signed them for me.

By this point I was dying of hunger (it was after 4) so I headed for the dining area and picked up some food. When I went to sit down, who did I run into but one of my sister’s high school friends and her husband! Random! So I chatted with them a bit, but I was REALLY hungry, so eventually said goodbye and scarfed down some food. After which I went back to the Tonner booth because I had decided that, yes, Harley Quinn really was worth the money, so I bought her. And they kindly let me leave her AND a mass of free stuff I’d picked up at the booth.

After eating I headed BACK to the Artists’ Alley, and actually managed to locate The Real Dexter Vines (which should really be his name from now on, heh) and say hello to him, as well as visiting with Georges again. As I was chatting someone came and asked Georges to do a drawing for them, and I, having not been to a comics convention before, made the amazing discovery that if you ask an artist nicely, they *might* do a drawing for you. At which point I asked Georges as nicely as I could if he would possibly do a Deadpool drawing for me. Poor Georges was already swamped with requests but promised me a sketch anyway, if I could come back later, which of course I could.

I wandered off again, and happened upon Jake Black via seeing a Smallville magazine on his table and stopping to take a look. As it turns out, not only did he do some writing for Smallville, but he’s also been serving as story consultant on the Ender comics (speaking of which, I just picked up the first issue of Ender’s Shadow, and loved it). And he is really fun to talk to. So we talked for a bit, and somehow I mentioned Joe Kelly, and Jake told me that, actually, Joe was there now (I hadn’t been sure if he’d be there Friday since he was listed for Saturday). So of course I had to run right over and meet Joe Kelly, otherwise known (in my head, at least) as Joe! Kelly! Joe Kelly! Who is, along with being a charming person, younger than I expected. Perhaps I assumed he was older because the storyline of Deadpool #1-33 of the ’97 run is so creative and complex and (sometimes) dark that I assumed it had been written by a “veteran,” so to speak. When in fact it turns out it was his first major assignment (hey, it’s not like I know every detail of this stuff or anything – mostly I just enjoy the stories!). So Joe signed some things for me and I said goodbye and then went back to take a picture because I finally remembered I should really be taking pictures of people as well as cool posters and figurines (doh!).

By then it was getting later and I had to go back to the Tonner booth to pick up my bag. On the way I stopped at the Activision booth and saw the new trailer for Ultimate Alliance 2, which looks like tons of fun. I particularly loved this one moment when (I think?) Wolverine deflected one of Iron Man’s energy beams into this giant radial energy beam...thingy. Whatever, it looked cool. I stayed to watch the last Super Hero Debate, which was really, really funny. The questions were things like, “Wings on the head or wings on the feet: which is better?” and “Asgardian or Atlantean culture: which is better?” and “Chuck Norris…or Iron Fist?” the debaters were REALLY into it. For example, in regard to the wings debate, “Captain America’s wings may not do much, but it’s all about looking cool. And Captain America is the coolest. After all, he punched Hitler.” And during the Atlantean debate, the Asgardian side asked if the other guy could even name two Atlanteans other than Namor (heh). (He did, although as I said to Nattallie, who was standing nearby, Namorita is technically a clone (at which point she told me I was a big geek, but if I recall correctly, that little factoid is actually a trivia question from Ultimate Alliance I. SO THERE. :) )

By then it was getting late, so I got my Tonner bag and went back to see Georges, who was *almost* done with my sketch, so I hung out for a few while he was finishing it up, then bade him goodbye and headed off toward the Wonder Woman premiere. I managed to see the special video message from Nathan Fillion and about the first 40 minutes before I had to leave. The movie was great – the Amazonians had well-developed personalities, the animation was good, and it was a lot funnier than I expected. Nathan Fillion’s comic delivery really made the movie, IMO. (Favorite line, when his character first arrives in NYC with Wonder Woman in costume: “First, let’s get you into something that won’t get me arrested for solicitation.” Hee.) I was SO sad I had to leave before the end, and that I couldn’t stay for the next two days, but Amanda’s shower was Saturday at 1:00 and the last train to DC left at 10:05...so I booked it out of there and off to Penn Station, and eventually (at 2:15 am) home.

WHEW. It was a whirlwind trip, but totally, totally worth it.
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