Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

State of the Foresthouse: Cold; Static-y

Arrived safely at J's after successfully NOT missing the train, even after having a dream that I was on the phone with J telling him I'd missed it. Take THAT, Supernatural-style premonitions. Hah! J met me in Penn Station, which was good, because although I do have a decent sense of direction, I hadn't bothered to look up how to get to his place or anything. Said place is very chic but COLD. Is because J is Male and therefore has own internal heating system, whereas I, being Female, mostly generate heat by wrapping self in blankets and hoping. Drawback of cold (other than, you know, it being cold) is that hair has decided static is In now, and is driving me crazy. Must either get another haircut or decide once and for all to grow it back to manageable ponytail length. Hrm. Dilemma. Plus side of cold is that "cold" mood theme picture makes me laugh. Silver lining!

Am now amusing self on J's computer (which has a monitor the size of Detroit) while he is out for a bit. Man, I had a lot of email to catch up on.

And now, to plan for tomorrow...
Tags: cold, friends, nyc, supernatural, traveling

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