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Calling all readers and book lovers!

I've just discovered that my friend Michael Dirda, Pulitzer-prize winning book critic for The Washington Post, has a relatively new discussion group going on over there called Dirda's Reading Room. It's a really neat forum where group members can post in all kinds of different threads discussing books. Michael is the moderator and joins in often. He's one of the most well-read and literature-savvy people I know, so discussions are sure to be insightful and interesting.

If you are a lover of books and literary discussion, I suggest you head on over and give it a try. Joining is free (just register with the Post), and then you can start right in geeking out about books. I've already found several threads to contribute to.

And now, off to work in the ice and snow!
Tags: literature, michael dirda, reading, washington post

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