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Deadpool Swag and More Pictures

Hey boys and girls, it's picture time! I know, I know, it's been awhile, but please, try to contain your excitement. Featured below the cut: chinchillas, Smithsonian adventures, and, of course, DEADPOOL (including a little Deadpool mystery...).

First off, we have the oft-cited, oft-photographed, furry adorableness of...ROGUE!

Next up, adventures at the Smithsonian! Taken while adventuring around DC during Nate's visit.

More Stephen Colbert than even Stephen Colbert can handle:

Nate and Dumbo: what a pair.

The carousel was actually working when we went by. First time for everything!

Me outside my favorite museum (Air and Space!)

And finally, Deadpool Deadpool Deadpool!

A trip to the craft store results in all the basics for the soon-to-be-started Deadpool Doll project:

A trip to the frame store (Claren Court Studio - they are awesome!) results in Framed Signed Deadpool Print:

And a trip to pick up parcels results in...Figurine #56, the awesome Deadpool Marvel Classic figurine (also known as Tiny Cheesecake Deadpool)! With accompanying book stuffed with Deadpool facts! Whee!

Including (I kid you not) a centerfold (heehee) of Deadpool #11:

And also, pictures related to something that's been bothering me for awhile: as far as I know, I own most or all Deadpool appearances...BUT, more than once, I've seen mention of Deadpool working for Hammerhead and the Kingpin and crossing paths with Bullseye prior to the 1997 run. And now, comic frames I don't recognize that I think reference those issues. So, question for any comic book/Deadpool fiends out there: what issues did those pictures come from?? Am I just forgetting a text reference to these events, or am I missing issues where he ran errands for Hammerhead and beat out Bullseye to work for the Kingpin?

Here's the figurine itself, which, of course, as a terrible "collector," I am SO not going to leave in the original packaging. I mean, what fun is owning a Pym Particle-sized Deadpool if you can't put him on your shelf, right? Right? (Isn't he cuuuute?)

And now, bed. After all, I have to be up bright and early for bridesmaid's dress shopping.

Oh, P.S. Courtesy of The Deadpool Bugle, a close-up of the latest Deadpool-in-Wolverine-pic.
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