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Books And Dresses, And Now, Miguel*

Went dress shopping for Kelly's wedding dress today. We looked in David's Bridal first, where Kelly tried on several dresses but none we really loved, and Liz and I tried some bridesmaids' dresses with the same result. Then we drove to Manassas (I think?) and went to Blush, a more boutique-y shop, where Kelly fell in love with the first dress she tried on, which is a very pretty vaguely Grecian style. She tried on others too, but stuck with the first one in the end. It was fun helping her pick out her dress and trying on some dresses too. We found some promising possibilities for the bridesmaids but are still undecided there.

Neither of us had given each other our Christmas gifts yet, and also we had some things we had borrowed from each other, so we swapped borrowed items, with me joking that I had bought her coaxial cables for Christmas (heh) and she re-gifting me with my copy of Iron Man. After which we had Real Gifts, and Kelly gave me The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008, edited by our very own ellen_datlow (and others). She'd seen me eyeing it in the bookstore earlier, but I had opted not to buy it due to needing money for Christmas gift-buying. I am looking forward to reading it after I finish The Awakening, the novel I'm currently reading, and Bound to Please, which is currently my Bedtime Reading, being a collection of Michael Dirda's essays/reviews and thus easier to stop and start reading (which is what I need in bedtime books, else I tend to stay up way longer than I should).

And now, to dinner!

*And Now, Miguel is the name of a book that one of my sisters owned. I don't think I ever got around to actually reading it, but the title always vaguely amused me when I saw it on the shelf. I used to idly picture the different scenarios that prompted the title: "And now, Miguel will dive into the pirhana-infested fish tank!" ... "And now, Miguel learns how to tie his shoes!" ... "And now, Miguel will be called up before the judge for jaywalking!" Really, the possibilities are endless.
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