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NY ComicCon?

Hey y'all! Raise your hand if you are going to ComicCon, know someone who is going to ComicCon, know someone who knows someone who...well, you get the point. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go, but sadly at this point I know all of one or two people who may possibly be there, so if any of you are going I'd be glad to meet up! Alternatively, I'll just wander around by myself in awe of all the cool stuff I anticipate them having. Which won't be too bad. But it'd still be cool to see a friendly face.

At least I have my friend's couch secured for the night(s). Squee!


Hey y'all. Raise your hand if you forgot that ComicCon is the same weekend as the baby shower you're throwing for your sister. OOPS. Oh well, baby showers are fun, too. :)
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