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Ooh, sleepy!

I just got back from Adventures With vwlphbTM and am suddenly sleepy now that I'm in my cozy apartment again. :)

Had a nice time hanging out with vwlphb. First we met at Clyde's for some lunch and conversation. Ooh, and vwlphb brought me some DVDs with an awesome collection of good shows to try out and a nice holiday card. (I brought her some blank DVRs and an offer to lend her some of my DVDs in return.) After lunch we were going to maybe see a movie, but it was sooooo nice out, so instead we walked through the Sculpture Garden of Fun and Delight (fun and delightful because you can look at most of the sculptures and come up with at least 12 different guesses as to what each could be, and still be wrong. Ah, modern art.) Then we walked over to the Mall and had a nice stroll around it while talking about all sorts of things. We stopped briefly in the Natural History Museum to see the Really Cool Globe Thingie that they have that shows weather and tidal patterns and stuff, and also the Really Silly Video that vwlphb says has been there since she was five. It was an interesting juxtaposition of technologies. Heh. By then we had surely walked off any lunch calories, so we walked to Starbucks for some iced gingerbread cookies. Mmmm. After which it was getting late, so we sadly had to part ways. But we're thinking of going ice skating next week! *g*

And now, I have to sort through some mail before Chuck comes on at 8. So to work I go.
Tags: exercise, food, friends, snarkfest

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