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YouTube in all its wonder - Matthew Good and Ryan Dahle

Hey! Randomly discovered the demo version of Agoraphobe on YouTube today! Originally it was posted on Matthew Good's site but I missed it, so I'm happy to hear it now. The more polished final version, with only Ryan Dahle, is what I have (from his MySpace which Matt linked a while ago).

In case anyone else wants to hear the rough cut, it's here.

ETA: OK, I just realized this person has a bunch of demos, as it turns out, along with some of Matt's REALLY old stuff (does it include the, like, four really old songs I don't have? Does it? IT DOES.) Yay! Now I just wish I could find these in a form I could get on my iPod.

ETA 2: Ooh, a good-quality version of If I Was A Tidal Wave. I love this person, whoever they may be.
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