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Zachary Levi: taller than you'd think

Holy canoli! Did you all know that Zachary Levi (a.k.a. Chuck) is 6'4"? There must be some sort of conspiracy going on on the set, because I've watched all the episodes of the show and I could have sworn Adam Baldwin is way taller than Zachary Levi. Conspiracy!

I was all puzzled recently when I was watching one of the eps with him and Bryce Larkin and I realized Chuck seemed miles taller than suave super-spy Bryce. So I checked heights (thank you, IMDB), and it turns out almost the whole main cast of Chuck is freakishly tall! (Well, ok, not really freakishly so, and I like tall people and all, but...) Chuck is 6'4", Casey is 6'4", Awesome is 6'3", Sarah is over 5'9", and Ellie is 5'8". Bryce is actually 5'11", which is a perfectly respectable height unless you are a character on a TV show set in The Land of Giants. Hee. No wonder Morgan seems like a Midget Amongst Men. The poor little hobbit.

Anyway, um...yeah, that's really all I had to say about that, except if you aren't watching Chuck, you should be. Hey! New ep tomorrow night!
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