Emily (foresthouse) wrote,

Time for a few small repairs

Quoting album names or song lyrics in journal entries may be cliche, but in truth, right now my life really is about everything in transit, and I've come home (so to speak) with a mission.*

Everything's changing. Change in apartment, change in employment status, change in relationship status, change in the family, change in life goals...change in me. Some changes were made for me (like the end of my clerkship term (sigh), or my sister's pregnancy (yay!)) and some changes I've decided to make for myself. To that end, I'm wiping the slate clean in a lot of places, including here - with a new design, new entries, and, for now, a "just me" lock on all many of my old entries. I may go back and unlock some when I have some time, but for now, this is easier.

If you enjoy reading my journal, don't worry; I expect my new entries will be a lot like my old entries - after all, I'm still me - but after over six years, maybe it's time to metaphorically go to the store and buy a new blank journal to write in. So that's what I'm doing.

And now...back to our regularly scheduled programming.

* Thank you, Jack's Mannequin and Shawn Colvin.

ETA: OK, I'm going back and unlocking some things...
Tags: cleaning house, lj

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