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The Way of the Meme

Is it me, or does the Australia theme song, as played in the TV trailer, sound like a bastardized version of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme?


In other things, a couple of memes that have been amusing me lately.

1. A few of us on SF got to talking about the geekiness of our next President.

As skyblade noted, "Obama's an avid collector of Spider-Man and Conan the Barbarian comics. Which is actually pretty damn awesome. Also, he's read every single Harry Potter book. I'm wondering what kind of a hardcore geek our President Elect might be."

Naturally, this thought resulted in some Chuck Norris-style riffing...which was then metaquoted.

Some favorites?

Obama only really likes the first season of Battlestar Galictica, but soldiers on to feel relevant.

Obama is pissed the Watchmen are referring to themselves as the Watchmen in the movie.

Obama fancasts Kristen Bell in everything. He thinks she'd totally get his Star Trek jokes.

Obama wishes Vimes was real so he could put him in charge of the War on Terror. Obama knows Vimes would end that sh*t in five minutes and then smoke a cigar. (Well, ok, I have to like that one - it's mine.)

Obama wanted to be President just so he could storm into places and tell people he's a Big Damn Hero. (That one too.)

Obama ships Hagrid/Dumbledore. For the hell of it.

Obama has been banned from all Con masquerades since he wins every prize, including the ones he doesn't qualify for.

Obama had to be talked out of appointing Captain America Secretary of State, and only acceded when he remembered that he was dead.

Obama knows that Captain America is not really dead.

Obama is seeking to fill the position of the Secretary of Awesomeness. Bruce Campbell is rumored to be a strong contender for the new post.

Obama does not buy into all this sparkly vampire bullshit. He does love Growing Up Cullen, though.


2. This USAWeekend blog asks What's better: The 'Twilight' series or 'Harry Potter'?

The funny thing isn't that Harry Potter is whooping Twilight's sorry butt - we knew that was going to happen. The funny part is that the comments were hijacked by, well, everyone, who started posting things like this:

Thou hast killed me, S. Meyer!
Posted by: Literature

This worries me. Carry on.
Posted by: Tim Gunn

Twilight canceled Firefly.
Posted by: Joss

Do I dazzle you?
Posted by: Lucius Malfoy

Twilight killed me.
Posted by: brain cell

Garth, reading Twilight is punishment for shoplifting in some countries.
Posted by: Wayne Campbell

I would give Twilight up, I would let Twilight down. I would run around and desert it. I would make it cry, I would say goodbye. I would tell Twilight a lie and hurt it.
Posted by: Rick Astley

Posted by: Edward Cullen

One does not simply dazzle into Mordor
Posted by: Boromir

Posted by: patrick bateman

I love Twilight...
... Everybody lies....
Posted by: Greg House

Renesemee Carlie Cullen: Even Albus Severus Potter is laughing.

I read Twilight and now I can't get into Narnia. D:
Posted by: Susan Pevensie

(...I got better.)
Posted by: Random Villager

Twilight for the win. I hadn't even thought about taking the engine out of her car before. Thanks for the tip SMeyer!
Posted by: Your Abusive Boyfriend

I'm rolling in my grave.
Posted by: Emily Brontë

Right there with you, sister.
Posted by: LM Montgomery, Jane Austen, Shakespeare

(And naturally I had to chip in):

King's to you, Harry Potter.
Posted by: Fernand Mondego

It *is* Twilight's fault I'm hung over. If it was a decent book there wouldn't be so much to blot out.
P.S. I had The Hair first.
Posted by: Bernard Black

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