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Hypochondriacs of the world, unite!

I got my flu shot this morning, and if y'all can manage it, you should get one too. Flu season is upon us. The less sick people roaming around spreading germs, the better!

One thing I will miss about working for the Federal government if my next job is in private practice is all of the little things it provides, like free flu shots and reasonably-priced cafeteria food (only available in government office buildings and elementary schools, as far as I can tell). However, one thing I would NEVER miss, if it went away, is the annoying flu-like-symptoms that manifest after you get your flu vaccine.

For instance, all morning long, my left arm felt achy. The rest of me was ok, but oooh, that left arm. And now? unfortunately, the flu shot seems to have targeted my bursitis, and I am in PAIN. I mean real pain. Shooting pains in my left hip. OOMPH. Becky gave me some Tylenol, but so far, no dice. I just want to go lie DOWN somewhere. Oooh, I hope this goes away soon.


On a lighter note, to further illustrate my complete geekiness, here's one of my favorite uses of the word "hypochodriac," via Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman:

Lucille (Shelley Long) and Nell (Mary Gross) are plotting to shoot Superman with a red Kryptonite laser. It shorts out as Nell is firing it and they have to run away.

Lucille (running): Idiot! Moron! Cretin!
Nell: I burned my hand!
Lucille: Hypochondriac!

For some reason, that scene always makes me laugh. Those two have great comic timing. (And now I really want to go watch Troop Beverly Hills again...)


Oy. Pain.
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