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Exciting news for Deadpool fans

The Deadpool Bugle has posted an exerpt from an interview with FOX's Tom Rothman about Wolverine, which includes his slightly cryptic reply to whether 'Pool is going to be done "scars and all":

IESB: So, we get teased in the Wolverine trailer with Deadpool, he's a fan favorite, another second tier Iron Man-like character, and Ryan Reynolds has been dying to play this guy for years and I think that's why he even did the cameo because he wants a stand alone film. Any movement there?

TR: Yes and no, I mean, Deadpool is an integral part of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we are in the process now, of doing all the CG work to create that character at an A +++ level, that's being done in truly as state of the art fashion as possible...

IESB: Scarring and all?

TR: It will be very rewarding for the fans, let's put it that way. It's a high level endeavor because he figures importantly in the movie, so whether he'll spin off into his own movie, if that's what you're asking, I don't know the answer. We will have to see.


I know he's being vague, but at the very least it sounds like the 'Pool-man has a fairly decent part in the movie, and that the reason we may not have seen scarring yet is because it's being done in CGI. So...it may be that we're really going to get Deadpool as we know him from the comics.

*crosses fingers*

And speaking of the comics, Joe Kelly Reminisces about his Deadpool Run.

Joe Kelly's run is a big favorite of mine - he walked the line between slapstick & schtick and dark, dark emotional waters so very well. His characterization showed how someone like 'Pool could be more complex and tragic than even many of the angst-ridden X-Men...but he'd never let you see it. Just the right balance of complex characterization, backstory, etc. to make the storylines seem gritty and real, and completely insane humor to keep readers laughing instead of crying. Joe Kelly, I ♥ you. And hope someday you'll come back and write Deadpool again.
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