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All Deadpool, all the time

Today's topic: Merchandise!

Because I happened to be tooling around on Forbidden Planet's website, thanks to cleolinda, and decided to search for Deadpool to see what they've got right now.

I found this.

It's a Deadpool teddy bear. A DEADPOOL TEDDY BEAR. REALLY. O_o

Granted, he's a vinyl plastic teddy bear, so not too cuddly, but still. DEADPOOL. TEDDY BEAR. WHUT.

Speaking of Deadpool collectables, and particularly collectables in the category of OMG I Want It But Would Never Pay That Much For It, we have the Bowen Deadpool.

LOOKIT HOW AWESOME HE IS. 12.5 inches tall and armed to the teeth. You know who would go crazy for him if he was movable and had removable weapons? cleolinda's dolls. Hee.

And on the subject of Deadpool action figures, I haven't actually seen this Marvel Hall of Fame one before. Is it new? I much prefer the Marvel Legends one.

Of course, the one I really want right now, because it's at least in the range of being affordable, is Tiny Cheesecake-Pose Deadpool (such a cheesecake pose!) who's sold with the clown-slayer-Deadpool issue of Cable & Deadpool (which I also love). They were selling this series at London's Forbidden Planet store when I was there in August, but they were out of Deadpool (in retrospect, I at least should have bought Cable, since they had him. Oh well).

On the other hand, I would NOT be averse to Captain America Deadpool, solely because on this version Deadpool is wearing Cap's TEENY WINGS! Hee.

On the third hand, I'm not really sure how I feel about Punisher Deadpool. I mean, he looks really cool, with the black and white, but...I dunno, it's not canon! I'm so silly.


In other Deadpool things, I haven't read the issue yet, but The Deadpool Bugle has collected some reviews of Issue #3.

When I get some time maybe I'll share some of my thoughts on the series so far with the 3 people on here who might want to hear them. *g* But for now I'll say...I was definitely anti-Way before the issues came out, and now I'm...fence-sitting. The first two issues were way (u see whut I did thar?) better than expected, but then again...he's still using Pool-o-vision. Old-skool Deadpool is embarrassed. He wants his dignity back, thanks.

And regarding old-skool Deadpool, actually - I'm not sure what this is, but could it be the next TPB in the Deadpool TPB group? I know there have been mentions that they'll finally start collecting Joe Kelly's run soon. (YAY.) Hrm...


And finally, in non-Deadpool comics stuff, you know what else is awesome? This Rorschach bust. It's a thing of beauty. Also? The mask and gun. It's a butterfly! A butterfly!

ETA: A discussion of Sculpted Deadpool's...impressive endowment. Don't miss this picture, the caption of which killed me ded.

Insane Nemesis of ETA: New I'm a Marvel, I'm a DC parody up!!

Is it shameful to admit that I ship ItsJustSomeRandomGuy's versions of Batman and Spider-man? Not as a couple. But as an awesome team of kick-ass superhero and slightly clueless do-gooder. LOVE.
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