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Commercials that Make Me Angry

Commercial for Bloom grocery store:

Blah, nerdy-looking girl says in dull voice: "My mom said if I were a super-hero, I'd be Never Going To Get Married Girl."

Cheery grocery attendant: "Well, Bloom has ready-to-go meals designed by our own chefs!"

Dull girl: *looks excited*


OK, so I'm not sure what they're going for, here, but the two interpretations I'd get out of it would be either 1) Dull Girl is excited because maybe she's a bad cook but with ready-to-go meals she could still land a husband (!!!!!); or 2) Dull Girl is happy because, even though she's lame and will never get married, at least she can go and buy lame-person meals-for-one at the store.

Either way, WHAT?? If it's #1, the store is implying that she won't get married unless she can somehow (even if it's through prepared supermarket food) provide food for her husband all the time. Which...how insulting is that?

And if it's #2, then the store is implying that people who are single are made ecstatic by the idea of FOOD, or ready-made food, or something. Like they have nothing better to do than eat. And possibly mope. I dunno.

Whatever they're implying, I also take issue with the girl's appearance here. She's a fairly cute girl, but definitely dressed a bit nerdy, with glasses and the whole bit. So...the store is ALSO saying nerdy girls won't be able to get married? GEEZ.

Bloom, you have officially FAILED in your advertising, and I hereby award you a gigantic FAIL badge:



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