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UK Discworld Convention Report, Part IV (Monday)

Might as well keep on truckin', right?

Monday was checkout, so after another grooooaning rise from my bed, I ran around and got dressed and packed things and Erica kindly brought me a banana and a muffin from breakfast, or I fear I wouldn't have eaten anything at all! After we checked out we stowed our things in Anna's room and I went to say a quick hello-goodbye to Barrie and Bernard in the Dealer's Room, since I had a feeling I wouldn't have any time to later in the day (and I was right). Then I headed off to Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen's KaffeeKlatch about The Science of Discworld books. The Klatch was very fun and interesting and both of them are quite nice. Sadly I had to leave a few minutes before the end so I could get to the "News from Forn Parts" panel that Lee and Anna and I were on, along with Pat Allan of the Australian Discworld Convention, at 3. The panel was to let people know a bit more about the North American Convention and the Australian Convention. We did have a decent number show up, but there weren't too many because the Reduced Discworld Play ran way overtime. But that was ok. We talked about our con and answered questions and got some good suggestions.

After the panel it was time for the Closing Ceremony, at which Terry talked while Bruce took a nap. But just a short one. Then he got up and he, Terry, and The Shend (who played the Hogfather in the movie) presented various awards and prizes to people. And then...it was over. *SNIFF*

Well, not quite. We went and changed and then had some dinner at the pub, talked a bit more with people, and THEN...it was over. Erica and I had to catch the 8:30 bus to London, so with sad hugs we departed for new adventures in Londontown.

And now...I can't wait for SEPTEMBER OF 2009! Hurrah!
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