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UK Discworld Convention Report, Part III (Sunday)

Hey, I'm on a roll. Why not keep going?

Sunday morning I draaaaagged myself out of bed at 8ish for a shower and The Donning Of The Costume, and then finished the Gift for Terry, otherwise known as Horace the Turtle. Horace came about because when Terry first saw the turtle convention symbol at the National Book Festival last year, the first thing he said was, "I wonder...could it be made 3-D?" And as some people are aware, I'm highly suggestible. So Horace evolved, intended first as a 60th birthday present for Terry, but then, when I realized it would be really hard to ship him properly (and also I wasn't finished with him yet) turned into an "I'll give it to him at the convention!" gift. But I STILL wasn't finished with him by Sunday morning; hence the early rising to thread wire and crystal together.

Eventually I DID finish, though, and ran down to grab some food. I found myself in line with Colin Smythe, who invited me to join him for breakfast. We had a very nice chat, despite the fact that I had to look at my watch now and again to ensure I wasn't late for my next obligation. Colin gave me some advice on London chocolate shops to visit, and also showed me an edition of The Carpet People with Terry's illustrations in it, which I had not seen before. (Shocking but true! There are still a few TP items I do not own!) Sadly at 11 I had to excuse myself, because I had to be at my next appointment, which was an interview with Terry.

My interview was scheduled after a video interview he had scheduled. To ensure that I not miss the end of the first interview, I asked the first group if I could sit in on their interview, to which they kindly acquiesced. It was fun to watch, despite my fear of moving a muscle in case I made noise that would then be picked up on the video! After they were finished, I did my interview, which went well, despite the fact that it was so cold in the Green Room that eventually I fear I was shivering a bit. That aside, Terry kindly gave me almost 2 hours of his time for the interview, and was, of course, his usual fun and funny self (The interview should be available online in the near future - we will announce it when it appears).

After the interview and The Presenation of Horace, I left Terry, who had been talking for almost 3 hours straight, to have some peace and quiet and lunch. I was a bit tired after all the talking too, so I wandered over to the Charity Auction and ogled all the pretty things for a few minutes, but then decided what I really, really needed was to go put on warmer clothes! (Seriously. I was cooooold.) I figured I'd better take the chance while I had it and run back to the Dealers' Room for some actual shopping, so I did, which gave me some more time to talk with Barrie and Bernard. I also bought a lovely dichroic glass necklace and earring set from Barrie, and fun coasters from Bernard.

After all of that I was SO. TIRED. so I went up and napped until about 6:45, when I went down and realized, oh my! Everyone else was in their nice, pretty Gala Dinner clothes already. I...was not. So after saying hi to a few folks, I ran up to attempt to find something halfway nice to wear, and sort of succeeded (I wasn't going to the Gala Dinner, so I hadn't brought much nice stuff). At that point Lee and Erica came with me to Regular Dinner, and we chatted with Guy (That Mime) and his dad, and some other folks who were also not at the Gala Dinner. Then we went to the dragon races, and I bet on a series of dragons who DIDN'T WIN (although apparently my favorite, little Biscuit, won in the 8th race - but that was well after I'd left the room).

At this point Lee, Anna and I met and talked with several folks regarding things to do with the North American Con. First, we managed to get a bit of Rob's time and had another con-related meeting with him. Then we talked to Colin Smythe, Ian Sharples, and Rod Brown of The Mob, who was wearing Sean Astin's costume from The Colour of Magic. He looked awesome. He also gave us some good suggestions for con-related things. Oh, and also somewhere in this tangle of meetings, I bought Terry a drink as an inadequate thank you for giving me 2 hours of his time earlier (and also just because he's Terry, really. I'll buy him a drink whenever he wants one), and spent a bit of time hanging out with and chatting with him as well. I was then designated his "hat maiden" for the evening, and somewhere out there, someone has a picture of me wearing The Hat. (Which would be the second time I have worn The Hat). Sadly, I do NOT have this picture, as I was walking along with Terry as I wore The Hat. Sometime after that Rob had finished having meetings, so we got the chance to chat a bit more, which was fun.

And that was Sunday!
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