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UK Discworld Convention Report, Part II (Saturday)

And on we go!

Saturday Erica and I had big plans to wake up at 8:30, but somehow (gee, I wonder who turned off the alarm?) didn't wake up until 10:15. OOPS. We couldn't remember when breakfast ended, so we threw our clothes on and rushed downstairs to discover that, hurrah! Breakfast was going on until 11. It was quite yummy (and I'll never understand why croissants aren't a MANDATORY breakfast item everywhere. Yum!).

Lee and Anna and I had a con-related meeting scheduled with Terry and Rob in the pub at noon, so I ran up for a quick shower and then rushed back downstairs, arriving a good, oh, 3 minutes early. :) As it happened, Terry was still in the signing line that was scheduled to end at noon, so we ended up hanging out for a bit (and had our own meeting, since we had some things to discuss too). I don't know that one of his signings has EVER ended when it was scheduled to, what with all the fans, so really it was no surprise. :) While we were waiting, we took some pictures of our costumes. Then Rob arrived and sent me and Anna off to locate Terry. We did find him, and he did get to the pub, but by then it was fairly close to his next event, so we rescheduled.

In between that and the next event, I finally got a minute to run to the Dealers' Room and meet Barrie Wakeford (hurrah!) of The Crystal Connection (maker of the White Horse necklace, among other things). It was great to finally meet him after much email correspondence, and he showed me something special that he's working on before I had to run off again.

The next event was Disc is Your Life, which was fun - Bruce introduced a succession of folks involved in Discworld, starting with Colin Smythe and running through Rob, Bernard Pearson, Stephen Briggs, Trevor Truran (on video), Paul Kidby (on an audio recording), and Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen (I think that was everyone?). Each talked a bit about Terry and how they got involved in Discworld and things. Neat! After everyone talked, Bruce presented Terry with the key to Ankh-Morpork (even though it's not like the gates are ever locked or anything). :)

After that it was really time for our meeting with Terry and Rob, so we headed off to the Green Room and had quite a productive meeting before it was time for Terry to be off again.

The next event was Meet the Crew with Charlie from the BBC documentary (about Terry and Alzheimer's) and Rob, and Terry as well. Terry talked briefly about the documentary, and then turned it over to Rob and Charlie so he could go and "actually see some of the convention." :) Rob and Charlie were like, "Well, you can leave if you want to now that Terry's off" but we all stayed. It was quite interesting, and Rob and Charlie are pretty funny in their own right (and you can just TELL they've spent a LOT of time together). At the end one of them said, "Now is when we walk into the sunset," and the other replied, "Should we use the actual sunset?" (in reference to the red-and-gold-lit backdrop) and that made me laugh.

After that it was time for dinner, which was pretty good, although I was a bit sad that there was nothing chocolatey for dessert (I am such a chocolate fiend). Then it was time for the Maskerade.

Pat Harkin was very funny as the announcer, and I'm glad that he'll be attending (and participating in) our con as well. (Also he's very nice.) There were many fun acts. Among my favorites were Nijel the Destroyer and his vow to 'avenge his father (who was still alive) by ensuring reasonable cabbage prices'; Otto Chriek and his disintigration/reappearance after a flash photo; Ptraci doing her bellydance; the "Definitely NOT a Nac Mac Feegle"; and Pat Harkin's sudden, between-the-acts transformation into young Pat Harkin and then back again (it must have been those darn History Monks messing with things!). But my ABsolute favorite was the Assassins' Sword Dance done by the Dark Morris dancers, who did an amazing little complex dance with wooden swords that featured (of course) them using the swords to kill a poor victim at one point. Very, very cool. (Well, not the killing. The dance, though!)

After the performances the judges disappeared for quite a while to deliberate, and then came back to announce the winners. After that it was time for the photocall, which I eventually had to leave because my camera battery was dead and also, I was cold in that little gold skirt. After a quick change it was down to the pub, where I decided to say hello to Stephen Briggs, since I'd only had time to very briefly introduce myself earlier. As it turned out the conversation going on in his area was a lot of fun, so instead of walking around a bit as planned, I found myself sitting around and chatting with Stephen and several other folks until 4:30 in the morning. O_o While having a glass or two or three of wine.

And that? Was Saturday.

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