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Do you like spam? Only if it's linkspam!

Late lunch today. OMG sooo busy. Panicking about trip. And everything else. O_o

Just a couple of links that were languishing in my inbox, and then some links that continue to showcase my obsession with Deadpool and my silly attempts to make everyone else love him too.

Er...not that anyone was in doubt about those things.

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Comic-con Panel - Yes, there will be more Horrible

This was my favorite bit:
Fillion asks how many people are wearing Captain Hammer shirts, vs. Dr. Horrible shirts. More cheers for Dr. Horrible, I have to say. Which is like, well duh. Sorry, Nathan, we love you, but Captain Hammer is a butt.


The Pill can make women choose bad mates

No! You smell funny! Go away!


Help Deadpool get his own animated movie:


Reason #4,563 Why I Love Deadpool:

Deadpool Issue #9: READ IT.

So funny and yet crazy and dark and wacky and fascinating as well. ♥

I really have no idea what this tool is, but watching this was both fascinating and kind of creepy:

Deadpool's head

See also:

Deadpool's legs (the end is the coolest)

One of the only fan videos I enjoy (you have to keep watching it for a bit to see why):

Cable & Deadpool, Aw.

I think I've posted this before, but it just makes my soul happy to watch him in action in Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I MUST get this game:

Deadpool in MUA

MOAR Deadpool in MUA

Part I of a Q&A with Fabian Nicieza & others re: Cable & Deadpool. The other parts can be found in the sidebar:

*sigh* The Dream Is Over

And in case you want to see what the guy who will be playing him in 2009 is like IRL, a fun interview with Ryan Reynolds from a bit ago, mostly included because the Q&A at the end is pretty darn funny:

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