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Deadpool Saga!

So I mentioned before that Marvel has a free Digital Comic, the Deadpool Saga (which recaps his story from his first appearance to now), up online. Sadly, their comics viewer is really not that easy to use or fun for trying to actually read the comic (all that scrolling and magnifying de-magnifying and graaaaah!). So I decided to cap and post the Saga here. Which also gave me an opportunity to comment on the things they were kinda inaccurate about, which in turn warmed my little OCD heart. *g*

Anyway, if you are interested in The Whole Story of Deadpool up to now, OR you want to be a Cool Kid who knows something about the character before the Wolverine movie comes out next year, OR you are bored and just want to look at something fun, you should go read it!

P.S. Q&A with new Deadpool writer Daniel Way, thanks to The Deadpool Bugle.
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