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I spam, you spam, we all spam with linkspam!

Starting off with some hilarity:

Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition)

This is my favorite line: Hamlet and the queen are no longer friends.


And now for some Famus Friends news:

Cleolinda also mentioned in Firefox news with a recommendation to read her Twilight recaps. Whee, Cleo!


Moving on to headshaking and restrained mockery in the news (restrained because I really love her in Joan of Arcadia and also Dave would be mad at me if I was too harsh on poor AmTamb):

Sisterhood of the Traveling Fug

Oh, Amber. Jumpsuits flatter no one! Haven't you been reading GFY? (And if not, WHY NOT?) They've been saying it for years!

Also, I agree with a fellow SFer, who said, "Heather and Jessica, I have to say that I love your alternative titles for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequel. If the film were actually called either Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II: Pantapalooza or Hooray, Magic Pants: More Trouser Magic, I'd be more inclined to see it."



On we go to romance (in the news. Sort of)! Via snacky, I found The Pioneer Woman. The site has many delightful things, including recipes and photos, but what I'm hooked on, I must admit, is the story of how Pioneer Woman and Marlboro Man got hitched, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. It's like a romance novel, only better, because it's real! Also: adorable and well-written.


And now, old news! This is from last year, but I just happened upon it and thought it was a bizarre and interesting news story about Nathan Fillion:

Local star to be face of modern hero

Well, seeing as I advocate Nathan Fillion being cast as Captain America, or, if (oh please oh please oh please) there was ever a Cable & Deadpool movie, as Cable (yeah, I know he's not as bulky, but hey, NOBODY IS. Cable's muscle mass is inhuman), I think this article is very pertinent.


And thanks to Matthew Good, some political news of the humerous (and not-so-humerous) variety:

Paris for President! is pretty darned funny.

And here's some discussion on why people still display the confederate flag, and what they think it stands for.

As part of the discussion, I was looking up some info on Indiana University's HPER (gym) building, which caused some controversy back when I was a student there because people realized that it had reverse swastikas (as well as other kinds of crosses, including, if I recall correctly, the Iron Cross) tiled into the walls. (The story behind that being, they are Native American-inspired, and the building was built in the '20s, before the Nazi party gained power.) In searching, I found this incident report from my campus, from July 2001-June 2002 (when this was causing controversy on my campus, along with the murals in Woodburn Hall). It's interesting to read, not only for that but to see all the random acts of hatred that are reported in a year. Why is that necessary, people? WHY?

And speaking of acts of hatred or violence, read Matt's friend Roy's discussion on politics and violence. Very interesting.


Also from Matt, some charity news:

Paws for a Cause - Matt asks you to help the doggies!


And in literary news:

Tor.com is now live, with lots of great writers blogging and posting thoughts, demos, news and reviews. Go look!


And finally, some art/photography:

Via Wonderful Neil's journal, I've discovered Kyle Cassidy, who has some really amazing photos. Go look!

...Also, that reminds me that I really, REALLY need to call Steve Raymer so we can overhaul his website. Darn it! So. Behind. On. Everything.

I hope he doesn't disown me as web designer or friend. O_o
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