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Deadpool Update!

Thanks to cleolinda, who knows about and feeds my Deadpool obsession, a bit of info from the Comic-con "sneak peek" at the new Wolverine movie.

Stryker comes and asks to put together a "special team" of superheroes. Shows the relationship with Wolverine and Sabertooth together and the development of the team and the adamantium program that Strkyer puts together. Really AWESOME footage! Looks incredible - some good fight scenes, but it still needs a lot of polishing. It almost looked too glossy and too colorful, but this is very early footage. Either way it looked awesome.

Confirmed team members: Blob, Deadpool, Gambit, Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Emma Frost.


From jedi_dave, my partner-in-crime, the Deadpool Saga, Marvel's free online recap of Deadpool's adventures up until now. The only thing they kinda failed on was not mentioning the retcon of the "T-Ray/Wade Wilson" storyline. It was fairly clearly retconned in Cable & Deadpool after Cable fixed Deadpool's memories, as far as I could tell.

And from The Deadpool Bugle, here are the first seven pages of Deadpool #1, coming out September 3.
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