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I am addicted to Turtle Chex Mix, y'all. BAD THING.

In other news, loooots of links! (several via cleolinda and one via spectralbovine)

10 Magazine Covers that Shook the World
OF COURSE the scary, scary Twilight cover is included.

Kline Death Scene Ruined By Cell Phone Chatter
OH NO THEY DI'INT!!!! That's some kind of blasphemy, right there!

Is there such a thing as a 'perfect' book?
Maybe not, but I'd have to agree with some that books like The Great Gatsby and As I Lay Dying are about as good as we'll ever, ever get.

The Five Totally Not Dirty Words You Can't Say in the New York 'Times'
Including "Fug." Oh, my poor, unfairly persecuted Fug Girls!

GWU Law School Brothers to Swim English Channel
To raise money for an endowed scholar-ship at the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center in honor of their sister, Caroline Owen, who has a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.

In (Non-Deadpool) Comics:

Look Out! Here Comes the Spider-Bag
Instructions on how to make a cool tote out of a shower curtain (Spider-Man design optional but totally awesome).

The Tonner Doll My Soul Will Alway Crave

New "I'm a Marvel, I'm a DC"
("And I'm Hellboy.")

Every Day is Like Wednesday
Fun-to-read comics commentary and criticism and related stuff.

Gary Oldman likes being the good guy (Via cleolinda)
“In the past, I’ve had my share of good reviews, but it’s always the crazy, scary, weirdo guy. I don’t even know how it happened. Look at me. I mean, when I’m naked, I look like a bald chicken. How did I get to be a scary bad guy?”
Man, I love Gary Oldman. LOOOOOVE.

Neil Gaiman Celebrates ‘Sandman’ Anniversary With New Comic And More
(Also via cleolinda)

And speaking of Neil Gaiman, Wonderful Neil will be at the Library of Congress Book Festival this year!!!

In (Deadpool) Comics:

Deadpool as a Garbage Pail Kid: Surprisingly Cute!
(From this guy's blog, but don't scroll through unless you are not easily squicked out by the bizarre lengths to which Garbage Pail Kids goes to...squick people out. Seriously, I had a bunch of GPK cards back in the day (still might, somewhere) and...were they this gross? I mean, they may have been - I remember some of them made me feel ewwy, but...I dunno. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age. Anyway. DEADPOOL. As a GARBAGE PAIL KID.)

Speaking of weird variations of Deadpool: Is it a...Deadpool panda-saur?
(Lanowar's icon. SO BIZARRE. I do like his Secret Invasion banner, though.)

Also, in my opinion, Fabian Nicieza Interviews shed a lot of light on the subtext behind the scenes in a lot of Cable & Deadpool interactions (not to mention they're really fun to read). I love being able to get into Nicieza's head a bit re: the characters, which is what happens if you read this stuff.

Some choice quotes (Warning: spoilers ahoy!):

It's the story of two very lonely, very different men who are both desperately trying to find a cause in life and little by little, that is turning into-- much to their mutual chagrin-- friendship. Albeit, with perpetual threats on each other's lives. Cable is a child of war who fights for peace. Deadpool is a child of madness who fears sanity.


Nicieza sees Deadpool's defining personality traits as, "Perpetual hyperactivity and ADD as a clever facade that prevents him from interacting with life in any semblance of a normal fashion. His healing factor, which keeps his cancer at bay, also makes his brain a whirling dervish of activity. Sometimes, he knows he's a lonely, pathetic, crazy lunatic. But he can't do anything about it."

(Also in the pics from this interview, I love how they cover up the naughty bits of naked Wade with really big bubbles. HEE.)

The mutant Siryn, the object of Deadpool's affections, reenters his life during "Enema of the State." Nicieza explained what that means for Deadpool, "Chafing erections, I would imagine, but we are a family comic," He said. "The Manson Family, but still."

HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh, Fabian. That was so wrong but awesome.

Yes, breakout your Marvel Universe Handbooks, 'cause we got Black Mamba, the Asp and Diamondback together again -- the B.A.D. Girls will give both our boys fits and embarrassing nocturnal emissions."

OK, this one is too, too funny in light of what happened in that issue.

Unbeknownst to Deadpool, Cable has been behind these mercenary jobs. "I think Nate hopes that Wade can gain some measure of control over himself and some balance to his life," Nicieza told CBR News. "I also think that Nate thinks since it may never happened, better to use the hammer at your disposal to build your own house than leave it lying around for someone else to use."


"Nate's plans for Deadpool -- which really amount to: 'keep him busy doing things for me so he doesn't screw-up and do something nasty,' have been totally derailed when Deadpool is hired to serve as a superhuman bounty hunter by the CSA [Commission on Superhuman Activities]," Nicieza explained. "They even gave him a badge. How can Cable compete with a badge? In working for the government, Deadpool sees himself attaining a legitimacy he never had before. That matters to him. Cable may not be able to talk Deadpool out of this."


"In my personal long term view, Cable succeeds in changing the entire course of human civilization," Nicieza continued. "But that wouldn't happen until around issue #2,500 (which would be a nifty marketing special triple-sized holographic live-action issue in which Howie Long and Dennis Leary have both been cloned to play Cable and Deadpool – and even with all of that, we probably still wouldn't merit a variant cover from Marvel!)."

Ah! So now we know who Nicieza would want the two to look like in a movie. ;)

"After that, let's just say breaking up is never easy for any couple, so Nate and Wade have to deal with some very tender, very soul-baring emotional issues. The lawyers will probably have a field day haggling over who gets the Chiclet plasma gun and teleporting matrix technology..."


"They're separated right now," Nicieza told CBR News. "No one's filed for divorce yet. It's something they'd rather not talk about. They need their space for a bit, so I'll try to respect that."


Irene Merriweather, Cable's long time friend and ally, appeared to be very upset about her friend reuniting with his old flame. "She's always had feelings for him, I think," Nicieza stated. "I think Cable's thick, but not so thick that he wouldn't be aware of her feelings."

Haha, he called Cable a numbskull. AW.

Cable and the Merc with a Mouth may be on the outs with each other, but Cable knows his former friend well enough and cares enough to warn him that he'll have some introspective moments coming his way. "They know each other as well now as any two people of their kind know each other," Nicieza said. "Not 'Brokeback Mountain' kind of knowing, but more like understanding male bonding without the grunting and the grease kind of knowing."

Oh, Fabian, don't deny it. We know they're about two steps away from that mountain.

Nicieza may not have figured out Deadpool's new status quo yet, but Wade Wilson fans don't need to worry – Deadpool won't become a hero or a full blown villain. "He's always been on that razor's edge between the two, from the minute Rob [Rob Liefeld] and I developed him, he was meant to be a 'lovable villain.'" Nicieza explained. "He still is. He is not a good guy, but he's too darned 'Build a Bear' huggable to really be a bad guy. I wish he was a really bad, bad guy, cause then he'd be in the new Thunderbolts and he'd be cooler. Or would that make him a really good bad guy?"

Fabian Nicieza is AWESOME.

In conclusion: Kevin Kline.
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