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Next craft project, advice needed!

I...I can't help it, you guys. I think my next project will have to be this doll (Close up).

Of course, it'll be complicated as all hell. But...fun? Sure, fun! Well, the end result, anyway. Um, so, crafty people, I need some advice:

1) Any recommendations for a good pattern I could modify to fit this little guy (I plan to make him about, say, a little over a foot tall)?

2) Any ideas on a good material to use? The uniform is supposed to be spandex in the comic, but, even having never worked with spandex, I feel like it might be a tough thing to hand-sew. Anyone ever tried? Is it? Hm. So I'm thinking maybe some sort of fuzzy but NOT furry material? Or just a smooth cloth? Ideas?

3) Who votes I should go for making him as cuddle-able as possible, and who votes I should go for more "realistic," i.e. removeable accessories (the belt! Wouldn't it be coooool?), snaps on the pouches, katanas made out of something not squishy and maybe with that kind of tape people really use on the handles (what is that stuff, anyway?), real buckles on the boots, some kind of...something for the bandoliers (I have no idea what material I'd use for that...), etc.?

4) Who votes I should try to stick to the picture, and who votes I should add extra details from the comic (i.e. a gun holster, knives on the leg, etc.)?

5) Who here thinks I have finally lost it and am now completely, utterly insane?

6) Conversely, who here would sell their firstborn child for one of these? *g*
Tags: comics, crafts, deadpool, teddy bear

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