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And in my continuing obsession...

Sorry for all of you who don't care about comics/Cable & Deadpool at all. Just scroll on by, k?

Anyway. randomly discovered artist Skottie Young's blog. He did a bunch of the covers for Cable & Deadpool, including the one for Issue 50. He also does a lot of other Marvel art, too, of course. Fun to peruse.

Next, apparently I was not the first to think of comparing Deadpool and Chuck Norris in fanfiction like I did in Chapter 6 of Deadpool: Weapon. Someone else had a similar idea, and it's very funny, despite the occasional typos and spelling errors. Of course, I didn't see this before I wrote Chapter 6, but I'm glad I happened upon it, because the parodies are amusing. Particularly this one:

Some people wear Spider-Man pajamas. Spider-Man wears Deadpool pajamas.


And finally: I made a few (very) basic Deadpool/Cable & Deadpool wallpapers. Because I felt like it:

Because Deadpool kicks a$$ and takes names:

Because this really is how little boys show affection for each other:

Because their lurrve is so canon that "bodyslide by two" should now be a euphemism for...other things.

(I can see it now:

Cable & Deadpool *walk off together*

Cyclops: "Where are they going?"

Emma Frost: *reads Cable's mind* "Oh, they're going to go do the bodyslide by two." *wink wink*)

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